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With our experience which started in 1995, we have successfully delivered many projects in the field of Refrigeration and Cold Room Depots and offer professional service to you with our valued customers.

Design & Application

We are at your service with our experienced team of 35 people from the discovery process to the installation and application process for your cooling and cold room projects.

Production Process

With our Eco-friendly A++products, which are produced with high technology equivalent to the world, we work to preserve the isolation values of all food products.

About Us

As Paneks Group, we are carrying out a devoted work with our friends to ensure the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to keep our brand valuable by performing in domestic and global markets efficiently.

Our Products

As Paneks Group, we serve with the large scale of products and our know-how on cold storages, sandwich panels, cold room doors, cooling groups, roof and facade panels.

Paneks Panel

For information about our products and services,
you can call our team.

Paneks Panel produces panels of 7 different thicknesses according to their usage areas.
The ceiling and wall panels are double interlocking and are also interconnected with a lock. The lock system starts
from 80 mm.

Corner panels provides the panels to be locked together. In addition, waste is prevented without increasing even a single panel. Thanks to the Z Corner panel, it is possible to provide all column turns. For more information, you can check our "Corner Panel" page.

Our standard production is 42 (-2) density polyurethane injected between the top surface of 10 mm thick Plywood bottom surface galvanized sheet and they are locked panels.
Floor Panels are produced in 7 different thicknesses with the wall and ceiling panels. Panels have a 2000 Kg / m2 distributed load carrying capacity and can also be used optionally by using non-slip CrNI or 200 micron and PVC coated sheet metal on plywood on the surface.

It reduces the hot-cold air loses and increases the economic efficiency with energy-saving. It protects the business from birds, flies, insects, and all pests. It reduces odor, gas, dust etc. movements that pollute the air. It provides hygiene in the business and is easy to use. It cuts the source light harmful to the eyes in the welding compartments. It is translucent for a safer work environment. Cuts off machine noise. It requires minimal maintenance.

In accordance with the usage areas of the Cold Room Warehouse, in our production facility We produce Ribbed Sandwich Panels in 7 different thicknesses.
Lock system starts from 80 mm in Cold Room Warehouse Corrugated and Flat Sandwich Panel production.

Production & Practice

Technical Support

With our technical equip, we offer After Sales Support.

Easy Installation

We offer installation services for your domestic and abroad projects with our professional team.

Fast Production Capacity

We offer fast and high-quality solutions in Cold Room and Sandwich Panel production.

Paneks Panel


Our factory, which has the reference of many valuable brands that we have successfully performed production and application processes in Turkey and abroad, continues to work in order to provide better service and quality, professional solutions to the food sector since 2015 and is growing rapidly.

Our aim is to increase the heat insulation of sandwich panels prepared with care and manufactured by our dynamic, young and experienced team without compromising on quality, and to produce cold room systems suitable for the intensity of the research and development.

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Technical Information

You can browse the technical information section of our blog to examine the Thermal Value Preservation Values ​​of some food products.
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